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Backbeater lets you to monitor your tempo, without click-tracks or metronomes.
Built for iOS devices, the Backbeater is an easy-to-use tempo monitoring App for percussionists.
Backbeater consists of
Version 3.0 of the Backbeater App has many new features
  • Analog (dial), or digital readout tempo display
  • 4 different tempo averaging windows
  • Drift indicators, to show how much your last strike varied from your average tempo
  • Built-in optional metronome, with three different sounds
  • Time signature selection, for musically-correct tempo readout
  • Screen-tap tempo read-out for discreet feedback without striking drum
  • Improved sensitivity adjustment, to select for playing dynamics
  • Access to iPod library from within app, for playing along to songs
  • Metrics to log accuracy, and optionally upload to leaderboard!
Backbeater keeps you on the beat and in time, every time.

Version 3.0.2 Screenshots


"In the studio, or up on stage at live events, I never play without it."

Leo Costa - Everlast, Matisyahu

"I've been waiting all my career for someone to invent the Backbeater."

Fred Dinkins - Musician's Institute